Events at the Winery

Discover all the events that are taking place at Winery Barchessa Loredan: visit the astonishing building that hosts us and taste delicious wines produced near the Montello hill.

The next Events

Discover the secrets of Barchessa Loredan, walk along the vineyards and drink a glass (or two!) of fine wine.

Calice di vino rosso Grinera e grappolo di uva Merlot.

Once in a lifetime experiences

Our Winery was born inside an ancient building which has loads of tales to tell. Barchessa Loredan’s long history provides the best frame to understand the lands around Montello and its great wines.

Barchessa Loredan is a place you’ll remember. Here, the culture of fine wine-making mixes with the history of Montello and the natural wonders of this land. We are thrilled to share this mesmerizing heritage with you!

Due lepri illuminate dal sole del mattino fanno mostra di sé lungo il viale che collega la Barchessa con il paese.
Mano sorregge un grappolo d'uva della varietà Cabernet, di fronte alla porta d'ingresso alla Cantina.

Winery events at the slopes of Montello

Work and life never stop at our winery. Come to visit us: we’ll be happy to see you!

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