Winery Barchessa Loredan

Winery in Selva del Montello

Our wines

At the end of the 1960’s Count Marco Loredan understood that the lands of Barchessa were destined to produce quality wines. This is how Cantina Barchessa Loredan was born.

The Barchessa and the Montello

Barchessa Loredan is a historic building of the late fifteenth century that still retains all its charm. It is located 50 km from Venice, at the foot of Montello, suspended in time and surrounded by vineyards.

Il portico della Cantina Barchessa Loredan di Selva del Montello permette l'accesso agli uffici, alla barricaia e al negozio.
Le moderne botti di alluminio usate per la vinificazione dell'uva glera si riflettono sul pavimento della Cantina Barchessa Loredan.

The identity of the Winery

The history of our winery is intertwined with the history of this land and the Barchessa. For this reason we work with passion to produce a wine destined to leave a mark in time.

A plunge into the past

The places where the winery is located are rich in stories to be told. The portico of the Barchessa has seen peasants, nobles, soldiers and vintners pass through. You can taste our wines in a historical location.

Barrique francese usata per il vino Chardonnay prodotto nei vigneti della Cantina Barchessa Loredan a Selva e Volpago del Montello.