The peculiarity of our winery is to be found inside the ancient Barchessa. On the ground floor of the building are located press, tanks, large barrels and barriques. This is where we make and bottle our wine.

A centuries long heritage

Ours is a winery without advanced technologies because here wine is still made by hand. Under the supervision of our winemaker, we apply old winemaking methods to be able to give birth, year after year, to quality wines.

Morris pensieroso guarda attraverso il porticato della barchessa; alle sue spalle le autoclavi della Cantina Barchessa Loredan

We did not want, in fact, to distort the original structure of the building but, on the contrary, to enhance and preserve its characteristic features. This is how tubs more than 4 meters high touch a ceiling of mighty wooden beams more than 500 years old.

The building, which was built at the end of the fifteenth century, was not conceived to host tanks, presses, barrels and barriques, therefore the renovation works that started in the last decades required commitment, care and precision.

Polla di uno dei barrique di rovere francese usato per l'affinamento dei vini rossi di uve Merlot e Cabernet IGT Colli Trevigiani.
Vista dall'interno della cantina verso il giardino, tramite il portone del porticato.
Le moderne botti di alluminio usate per la vinificazione dell'uva glera si riflettono sul pavimento della Cantina Barchessa Loredan.

The Barrique House

There where the ceilings of the barchessa are lower and sunlight struggles to enter, we created our barrique room. The thick walls of the historic building and its excellent location naturally favor the preservation of optimal humidity and temperature for the aging of wines.

Il cancello di ferro che separa la barricaia dagli altri locali di produzione della Cantina Barchessa Loredan.
Barrique francese usata per il vino Chardonnay prodotto nei vigneti della Cantina Barchessa Loredan a Selva e Volpago del Montello.

It is here that our Grinera ages and refines in Bordeaux barriques made of the best French oak, in order to give life to the processes of interaction and mutual exchange between wine and wood. More than 24 months of aging to obtain an iconic wine of our history, a pure merlot that Count Marco Loredan began bottling here more than 50 years ago.