“In every bottle of our wine there is respect for the land.
There is a wine which is never the same.
A wine shich is born among vineyards and is aged in cellars.
There are ancient techniques mixed with innovative practices.
There is a team that works with passion.”

Authentic quality

We believe that the wine is born in the vineyard and not in the cellar. Among vineyards starts and concentrates most of our work.

We constantly pursue, through the care of vineyards, the best quality of grapes in order to achieve an authentic final quality of wine.

Grappoli di uva bianca Traminer nel palmo di una mano.

We prefer having a lower yield per hectare to the a massive production, supporting the quality of wines instead of quantity.

We prefer methods and techniques that respect the environment and man, reducing the use of pesticides to a minimum.

We are constantly studying new innovative methods, such as the Simonit & Sirch pruning method, which follows the natural attitude of the vine.

Una delle barrique di rovere francese dedicate al Merlot IGT Colli Trevigiani.
Gli ambienti della Cantina Barchessa Loredan sono stati ricavati all'interno della barchessa, e le mura e le travature sono le stesse da secoli.

Natural processes

In the cellar the wine is refined and perfected, but when the grapes arrive most of the work is already done.

  • We prefer the use of natural yeasts.
  • The cooling processes of the tanks exploiting the internal environment and the position of our cellar, located inside the Barchessa.
  • We do not correct our wines and that is why each vintage of one of our wines will never be the same.

Finally, we are not afraid of waiting, maybe because we obtained a cellar inside a historical building which waited centuries before becoming what you can admire today.

FIVI Independent Winemakers

Cantina Barchessa Loredan is a member of FIVI, Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti. We are committed to growing and producing according to the values of our tradition.

L'erba alta migliora la varietà di flora e fauna del vigneto.
La squadra di Cantina Barchessa Loredan impegnata nel lavoro tra i filari di Selva del Montello, a pochi passi dal Montello.

As FIVI winemakers, we are committed to taking care of every step of winemaking. From the vineyard to the bottle, each Barchessa Loredan wine is produced with grapes coming exclusively from our vineyards in Venegazzù and Selva del Montello.

Grappoli d'uva Traminer aromatico crescono tra le foglie dei vigneti di Barchessa Loredan a Venegazzù.

We do not purchase grapes from other producers. We respect the land that hosts us, and we focus on the production of healthy grapes that will best express the characteristics of the Montello territory.