Barchessa Loredan is located in an area that deserves to be explored. You can immerse yourself in nature, forgetting the hectic pace of everyday life, walk in ancient villages and visit cities of art, all a few steps from the beautiful Venice.

The Montello

Montello is a hill north of Treviso that crosses the municipalities from Montebelluna to Nervesa della Battaglia. Its northern part is touched by the river Piave. It is also known as Bosco Veneziano or Bosco della Serenissima, because it was from here that the Republic of Venice found the wood for its Arsenal.

Sentiero tra i boschi del Montello, il colle sul quale sorgono Barchessa Loredan, la cantina e i vigneti di Merlot, Cabernet, Traminer e Glera.

The forest is crossed from north to south by roads, called prese, which go up along one side of the hill to descend on the opposite side, and are indicated by a number (from n. 1 located in Nervesa della Battaglia at n. 21 located in Montebelluna) and a name usually attributable to the fallen of the Great War. The Montello in fact was the scene of numerous battles during the First World War. We recommend hiking or biking.

  • Distanza

    La Barchessa is located right at the foot of Montello.
  • Esplorare

Panorama sulla natura del Montello, con le Prealpi venete come sfondo.

La Tradotta

The Tradotta is a cycle-pedestrian path built on the old Montebelluna-Susegana railway line that was created at the beginning of the 20th century for military purposes. The track is 18.5 km long and crosses the municipalities of Montebelluna, Volpago, Giavera and Nervesa.

  • Distanza

    It is located less than 2 km (intersection with Lavaio street in Volpago del Montello).
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Prosecco Hills

The Prosecco Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene are a small hilly area where the interaction between man and the environment has created a unique cultural landscape. As of 2019, the Prosecco Hills are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

  • Distanza

    20 km approx.
  • Esplorare

Le colline del prosecco di Valdobbiadene e Conegliano, ricoperte dai vitigni di uva bianca glera.


Included in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy, thanks to its enchanting panoramic position among the hills, Asolo has always attracted artists and writers from all over Europe.

From Giosuè Carducci and the English poet Robert Browning, to Eleonora Duse, the famous actress and lover of Gabriele D’Annunzio, who spent the last years of her life here and is now buried in the cemetery of Sant’Anna, in front of Monte Grappa. The landmark of Asolo is the Rocca which dominates the landscape and offers a spectacular view. During your stroll through the historic center, don’t miss Piazza Garibaldi with its 16th century fountain, the Castle, which today houses the Duse Theater, and the ancient Cathedral.

  • Distanza

    20 km approx.
  • Esplorare

Il centro storico di Asolo, uno dei borghi più belli d'Italia. Sullo sfondo la rocca di Asolo troneggia sulla cittadina.
Il Sacrario Militare del Monte Grappa innevato.

Mount Grappa

It is the main peak (1775 m.) of the Grappa massif, which is located in the Venetian pre-Alps, between the Brenta valley, the Piave valley and the Feltrino area. On its summit stands one of the main military ossuaries of the Great War. The Grappa is not only a natural oasis but also an open-air gym. From paragliding to hang gliding, from climbing to two-wheeling, hiking in the green, snowshoeing and river rafting.

  • Distanza

    50 km approx.
  • Esplorare



Nicknamed the little Venice of the mainland, Treviso is a town not to be missed. Treviso, like Venice, is also crossed by numerous canals and bridges. History and water accompany the visitor in all the major attractions of the historic center: from Piazza dei Signori and Calmaggiore to Piazza Duomo, from the Walls to its many arcades, with an obligatory stop at the Isola della Pescheria where we find the fish market.

  • Distanza

    15 km approx.
  • Esplorare

Uno dei canali di Treviso.


Venice is unique and you have to live there to really know it. What to visit in Venice? All and nothing, that’s our suggestion! Take your time and get lost in the labyrinth of its streets and bridges, you will discover hidden and charming corners.

  • Distanza

    60 km circa.
  • Esplorare

    A piedi/in barca/in gondola (ancora meglio).
Gondole attraccate a in Piazza San Marco a Venezia. Sullo sfondo la Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore.
Palazzi storici sulle rive del Canal Grande a Venezia.

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Bottiglia di vino bianco frizzante Affondo a rifermentazione naturale prodotto da Barchessa Loredan nella cantina di Selva del Montello.
Il giardino, l'antico tracciato della Brentella e la barchessa palladiana dell'omonima Cantina Barchessa Loredan di Selva del Montello.
Ramo di vite proteso al cielo nei vigneti di Cantina Barchessa Loredan a Selva del Montello e Venegazzù.
Vino rosso del Montello "Grinera IGT Colli Trevigiani", versato in un calice da degustazione. Sullo sfondo, la confezione in legno firmata Cantina Barchesa Loredan.